Routes with specific car/delivery options

Hi there,

For a customer we have a specific case.

Multiple routes e.g. 5 (3 of them have 2 persons a car, 2 are single drivers).

Every address we have has a specification if it is possible to deliver single handed or with 2 persons.

For this we need to give the API the data that not every address can be delivered by the single driver routes.

What is the best use-case for this? I was thinking of specify the car-type per route(if possible) and specify the car type per address (if possible).

Never the less the problem to make it perfect is that a double person car still can deliver the one person deliveries but not the other way around.

Thanks in advance

I understand it is probably related to:

the problem is that there is not any proper documentation how to specify the weight / capacity of each address and route for the API v2

What you need is not supported as such.

With that said, indeed you may try capacity constraints as a workaround (not tested). Give the 2p-cars high capacity (e.g. 20) and the 1p-cars low capacity (e.g. 1). For each 2p-delivery set the demand to 2 and for the 1p-delivery to 0. This way 2p-deliveries will fit the 2p-car only, while the 1p-deliveries will fit both.

To use capacities in API v2:

  1. Set the number of rounds in the parameters, and the capacities for each round as a string seperated by spaces, e.g.
    'parameters'=>'{"rounds":"5","capacities":"20 20 20 1 1"}'
  2. Set demand for each location, e.g.
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Hi There,

We thought that it worked but it seems to be a coincidence. After testing with real data and the parameters as described above we get "2 person’ location all over the place, so at the 2 and 1 person locations.

two issues:

  1. that isnt to bad although it would be nice as as much as possible the demands with 0 would be assigned to the capacity 1 routes.

  2. the biggest problem, the demand seems not to work because also addresses with demand ‘2’ are assigned to the route with a capacity of 1.

Please share your input here, or email to, so we can check in more detail.

Hi there,

because there are names and addresses in there i just send an email.