New V2 API, does "Type" seperate the "rounds" into categories


I want to use “Rounds” in the new API to auto calculate the best routes for 6 drivers.

BUT, I have some product, that only 2 drivers are allowed to do, but they can also take the product that everyone else can deliver.

Is this possible, it really doesn’t seem like it?

What is the “type” fields use?

Assigning certain stops/products to specific rounds/drivers is not possible as such.

There may be a workaround with capacity restrictions, a new feature that is on the test site right now. Add a small demand (capacity requirement) to those stops that need to be assigned. Only add capacity to the rounds they need to be assigned to. All other stops and rounds get zero demand or capacity.

The type field selects the type of vehicle, e.g. car, small_truck, bus, bike or foot.

I do have the same problem and could use this feature of assiging stops to rounds, too.

In my case, drivers start from different starting points but share stops within the city. They need to come back to the point where they started. Therefore, I have to questions:

  1. Assigning certain stops/products to specific rounds/drivers is not possible as such.: Does that mean it will never be supported?

  2. Do you have a workaround suggestion for that problem?

  1. It may very well be supported in future. Assigning stops to rounds and different starting points is both on our list of suggestions for development, but we can not give any time line at this moment. If more users ask for it, the priority will go up.

  2. The capacity restrictions can be a workaround for assigning stops to rounds, as described the other post. For different starting points there is no workaround, other than pre-grouping stops based on lat/lng and create the route for each group seperately.

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