Question about coordenates/addresses on Google Maps

Good afternoon. My problem is this:

I´ve established a route on RouteXL web, and later I´ve downloaded to Google Maps. 
Well, when I see this route on Android, I may see the addresses of every stop. 

However, when I try to see them on iPhone, I only see the coordinates, not the addresses.

Any solution? Thanks.

Google Maps seems to be limiting the number of coordinates in a route. The maximum seems to vary across devices. Nothing much we can do about that.

However, if you use Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation, there is a work-around. You could use our Fulfilment dialog which has navigation to each stop seperately. You’ll find this at Download > Fulfil.

If you like to use another navigation app in the Fulfilment dialog, you can select these at Options > Routing > Navigate with

Well, I keep my doubt. Don ?t understand why addresses not appear on iPhone (speaking about multiple route, forgot to mention it).

Anyway, thank you very much.