Download To Google Maps only showing LAT/LONG (not address)


When I download a route and choose Open In Google Maps, the route is created, but all of the actual addresses do not show up… only the LAT/LONG coordinates. Any way to see the actual addresses?!?

I noticed that the URL that open in Google pass the LAT/LONG data and not the addresses… is this because of the length limitations when passing variables in a URL? If so, can the string be re-written to post properly to Google’s API so the addresses can appear? Pretty please?!? :slight_smile:

It is the same issue stated in this forum post. The answer provided is not correct as I believe the problem was misunderstood.


The full route export to Google Maps is indeed done with coordinates. This is done for the length of the URL and to keep the position of each location on the map.

GM normally translates these coordinates back to addresses. However we have no control over their website and it seems there is a maximum of points it accepts. The maximum seems to vary over devices. We have had reports that the maximum is somewhere between 20-30 stops.

If you export to GM for its turn-by-turn navigation, a work-around may be to use our fulfilment dialog. See If you have other needs for it, we’d like to know.