Increasing nr of addresses not being found

We have been getting increasing numbers of complaints that the API does not return the same amount of addresses in the route than we sent in the request. This has started happening 2 days ago for 1 address on a route, but now it is not returning the planning for up to 30 addresses already.

We checked the addresses being passed to the API, and these are valid addresses. Has there been a change in the API recently that could lead to this issue? Any ideas how to fix the issue?

We found an earlier topic resembling this one at Addresses not found but this should not apply to our account as we have a 200 - business account

There has not been any change in the API recently. To fix the issue you can share the exact request you’re sending and the result you’re getting, so we can test and see what the problem is. If you don’t want to share here, you may also email the info to

The problem in that earlier topic (Addresses not found) does not apply to the API, as the API does not have geocoding. The API uses the coordinates you send in your request.

Hello, we looked into the issue further and turns out it is not an issue with the API, rather with the geolocation prior to sending the request. The geolocation failed due to exceeding the max nr of calls per minute. Our apologies, on the front-end it seemed to be an issue with the API.

This topic can be closed.

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