Addresses not found


Free users of our route planner are increasingly reporting addresses not found on the map, or not located correctly.

The reason is that the free usage limit for Google’s geocoding service has been lowered drastically. We use this service for our free users to locate addresses on the map.

The solution is to select another geocoding service in the options. Generally, the alternative services have lower quality so you may want to check our hints and tips on geocoding.

Note that Google’s policy change only affects free users. Our premium users that have upgraded their account are on Google’s paid geocoding service.

Postcode errors with UK address
Problems with inserting anything

One user suggested quite an out-of-box solution, for users that wish to stay in the free plan, but still want their addresses geocoded with Google’s premium services.

You need your own Google API Key for this. Fill out your API key in our route planner at Options > Geocoding > API key. That key will then be used when you add addresses to the map.

Each user seems to be entitled to $200 free credits each month (approx. 40.000 addresses) when they register an API key at Google.