Your session has expired. You must reset the route planner

I keep getting an error with a deep link submission … I was trying to display in an iframe … it loads okay but then I receive -

Your session has expired.

You must reset the route planner.

Reset now

I click on “Reset Now” button but it comes back with the same error

I just noticed there was an error box that occurred and disappeared with the Session Expire Box… I was able to capture text though… this is what pops up before the session expired error…

Something went wrong. Please try again.


That may be the iframe security, the website needs to set cookies.

Your Website or Mine?

The route planner needs to set cookies. In an iframe these become third-party and may not be accepted.

Could some form of this be used to allow your page to set cookies?
Set-Cookie: session=your_session; SameSite=None; Secure

We’re really not sure and we’re hesitant to support it, as it seems to be a browser issue. We do not support our website being displayed in iframes as such. If you want to integrate our routes in your system, please consider our API.