You application failed

Hello, I have stumbled upon your web application and really like the idea! I was about to sign up, but unfortunately your app failed to find meaningful route: Please let me know if that’s me doing something wrong or when you fix the issue. Kind Regards, Michal

That’s one bad route indeed. We’ll check it out and come back to you.

We tested this route and conclude that the problem is caused by some destinations that are on islands.

The reason is that in our distance matrix we do not have ferry times included. Even worse, some legs can’t be routed at all. Therefore, the optimizer estimates these travel durations as the crow flies, which results in a bad route. We’ll note this down for future development.

The best solution we can think of for now, is to plan routes with the ferry departure harbours as destinations. If there are multiple destinations on an island, you could plan those seperately with the ferry harbour on the island as origin.