Where can I find the details about the different vehicle types

If I look at the docs under: https://docs.routexl.com/index.php/Options I find " * Type of vehicle - The mode of transport used for routing."
Where can I find more details about the differences in calculation for the types?

If i choose car or smalltruck, the result is exactly the same. In another topic I read there should be a 10% speed difference, but it’s not showing in the calculations.

I would like to know the difference between Auto, Bestelwagen en Autobus. Thanks!

The difference is that the delivery van has access to certain special roads, such as private, delivery or service roads, and a slightly lower speed on some roads. Same for the the autobus, which has access to certain roads for busses.

Those all depend on OpenStreetMap data. So if these special roads need to be tagged correctly. In some countries these kind of roads are not tagged at all or incorrectly, and they will not be taken into account.

Hi, thanks a lot for you response.
One more question. Can you say anything about the difference between car, smalltruck and bus regarding use in The Netherlands?

Generally the Netherlands is well covered in OpenStreetMap and most roads are tagged correcty by the OpenStreetMap contributors. Feel free to edit the map when you see errors.

If you have any specific examples of routes for different types that you question, please share them here or via info@routexl.com