What type of account is needed to export the route in tomtom webfleet

i must export the route in webfleet tomtom …

All you need with us is a registered account. The free RouteXL subscription will do if you only have routes up to 20 stops.

But you’ll need an account with TomTom Telematics.

The WEBFLEET user you use for RouteXL must have the “expert” profile and have external access to interface WEBFLEET.connect.

See screenshots here: https://www.routexl.nl/blog/routing-for-tomtom-webfleet/

Does it help to wait a little before you check the option settings? There may be a bit of a delay, as these settings may get loaded a few seconds (max 10) after you’ve opened the website.

If that doesn’t help, send an e-mail to info@routexl.com with your user name. We may be able to check if the settings are stored in the database and if WEBFLEET devices get loaded.

I have worked with Peter on this. The option settings seem not to be saved correctly when you only change the WEBFLEET settings. We don’t know the reason for this behaviour at this moment, but we’ll investigate it.

A work-around is to change another setting too. This will then trigger the option settings to be saved correctly. For example, when changing the WEBFLEET settings, also enter an home address on the first tab.

After you saved the options, you’ll need to push the Reset button to reload the website. If the home address is added to the map immediately, the option settings are saved correctly and you should find the WEBFLEET button at the Import dialog.

If this does not solve the problem for you, please send us an email to info@routexl.com so we can investigate this issue further.

i have a webfleet account and a registered accont in XL but i cant export the route to webfleet

same issue , settings are correct , but no export to tom tom webfleet

Also my tom tom settings under options settings won’t stay saved.
when i logout and log back in , these settings are gone