What after I get route in JSON?

I have created and implemented everything regarding sending up to 10 of addresses to get optimized route in Asp .Net MVC , and it works great so far. From Json I can reorder my orders list, but how can I show that route in my app? I mean, to see it psychically on some kind of map? I get JSON format like this: “{“id”:“4DD5KLP4”,“count”:7,“feasible”:true,“route”:{“0”: {“name”:“Willem Alexanderstraat 5, 6691 EE Gendt”,“arrival”:0,“distance”:0},“1”:{“name”:“110590”,“arrival”:97020,“distance”:8085},“2”:{“name”:“110509”,“arrival”:97675,“distance”:8139.5},“3”:{“name”:“110648”,“arrival”:97778,“distance”:8148.1},“4”:{“name”:“110706”,“arrival”:98600,“distance”:8216.6},“5”:{“name”:“107093”,“arrival”:98841,“distance”:8236.8},“6”:{“name”:“Willem Alexanderstraat 5, 6691 EE Gendt”,“arrival”:197591,“distance”:16465.9}}}” Is there a way to show this route on some kind of map?

The Route Optimization API only sorts your destinations, there is no map available.

To visualize a route on a map, you could use a service like Leaflet, Google Maps or Mapbox.