Using tour API in batch mode?

is there a way to run the tour API with multiple plans in one request? I mean supplying multiple trips at once - having multiple stops each - in the locations param. I believe it would be way faster than running the API trip by trip.

I ask it because I find the API quite slow. A 2 stops tour takes 1,5 - 3 seconds to finish, sometimes over 4 seconds. I haven’t seen a load report over 35%.

I would require it to finish below 500 msec. Maybe there are some ways to speed it up.

I have the following headers in the request:

BTW, I find that even if I retrieve an Unauthorized status, it takes .9- 2.5 seconds to arrive. Is it normal?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you very mush!


There is no such way in our API. Our service is created for and geared towards multi stop route optimization. That’s a complex algorithm that requires many calculations and triggers quite some CPU load on our servers. If we’d allow multiple trips at once, one user could easily eat up all capacity or even bring down our service.

A 2-stop tour is not what our service is made for. It has much overhead and the response will be almost as slow as a 10 or 20 stop tour. It will need 1 second at least. Same for unauthorized requests. Please use some other service for 2-stop tours or unauthorized requests.

Thank you for the answer, I understand your point. We will consider your suggestion.

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