Update to version 8

Our route planner has been updated today. This update holds a number of quality and speed improvements, new features and some small bug fixes. Read all about it in the announcement.

This topic is for your compliments, remarks, notes, errors, problems and suggestions.

We’ve had some bug reports and pushed some fixes already. However, most issues are solved with some simple actions. Here are some common problems and the solutions you may try first:

  • Missing/white map: go to Options > Styling and choose another map style, such as “OpenStreetMap.default”

  • Grey screen or buttons: force a reload of the website without caching, with Ctrl-F5 and Ctrl-r (Windows), or command-option-e and command-r (macOS)

  • Addresses not found: go to Options > Geocoding and change the preferred geocoding service. Read the hints and tips for address finding

  • Upgrade not available: if you’ve upgraded but can not add more than 20 addresses, reset your session with these steps

  • Missing route link/URL: the route link/URL can be found in the Share dialog. You’ll need to make the route publicly accessible first, as all routes are private by default.