Trying to get property of non-object

Hi there, I seem to be getting this error on my php function
’Trying to get property of non-object in #insert website link#’ under
$routeNum = $r->result->route;

I have been using the same code for months and it has worked perfectly. It’s only today that it has crashed on me.
Please advise

From our logs, you seem to be sending locations without a name/address. Can you check this?

This is the last log before it sends out an error
[{“name”:“Start”,“lat”:“42.9290517”,“lng”:"-81.20049829999999",“servicetime”:45},{“name”:“Starting Location”,“lat”:“42.9290517”,“lng”:"-81.20049829999999"}]

This request holds two locations with the exact same coordinates. That may indeed give the same response as locations without name/address.

It should have been checked but we’ll double check and adjust our system if needed. Meanwhile you may want to use our API only with multiple unique points.