Tour ID for CRUD referal

Good morning.
I really appreciate the API “tour”. It would be very useful for the returned ID to become manageable like the one generated by the Web. When do you plan to introduce this feature? It would also be important to manage a time limit of usability beyond which the ID should no longer be usable. Thank you

CRUD for the API is on our list for development but there is no date set. If more users ask for it, it will probably get more priority.

On your suggestion for a time line, can you explain your need for that?

We have developed in recent days a link to your APIs (which we find simple and effective!) both in our desktop and mobile software that we intend to give to our drivers. In the coming days we the appropriate license to manage our real volume of deliveries. The possibility of storing the travel ID would allow a better sharing and management of the itinerary between the different actors of the company (managers, drivers, call centers, etc.). We should be able to manage the itinerary for at least three days. As always… If this feature was available now, we would be very happy… but we can, at least in this first phase, do without and make alternative solutions.