Tour API via AngularJS ($ returns 409, Conflict, No input found


I’m about evaluating the service before buying a long term subscription but I’m facing some problems. 

From PostMan the tour API works correctly, but calling it from angularjs $http s.g. goes wrong. It always returns 409.

Here is the JS snippet I use:
(sorry for the screen shots, I wasn’t able to format my code in the editor)

The Request Payload looks like this (Chrome Dev Tools) 

Request Headers:

Could you please suggest me a way to pass the data correctly? I’m pretty sure I do s.g. wrong when passing the data to the $http service. 
If I copy the payload value to PostMan it runs without error. 

The difference between the API doc and my code is that after the locations kay I have a “:” instead of “=”. Can it be the problem??? 

I also tried with ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8’ header, no success… 

Info: Calling Status via $http.get works nicely. 

Thank you in advance. 

– cs.

The 409 indicates that the locations are not found. I am no AngularJS expert, but it seems like you’re sending data while our API expects parameters. You could try to use “params” instead of “data” in the config object.…

We’d like to check in detail in our testing environment. Please send the parameter to

We have discussed this issue via email and have not succeeded in getting AngularJS $http to work with our API.

However, cseguyd found the routexl-api.js file in our RouteXL API Connector Github project:…

This file works like a charm and he managed to integrate it into AngularJS.


Thank you for the quick answer. 

Now I pass it as a query string.

params: { locations: JSON.stringify($scope.addresses) }

And now I have this as parameter:

But I still get the same error… :( 

Yes, that’s the case, it’s working now seamlessly.
Thank you for sharing the solution. :)