TomTom Webfleet API information


I am trying to get TomTom to allow me access to use Webfleet with RouteXL (which they actually recommended and refers us to during out demo of Webfleet) however having requested this access they are now insistent that I provide the following information to be able to set us up but I have no idea what to give them, can someone please help.

Application name:

Integrator name:

Contact person:
Address details:
Phone no:

Brief description of the application:
Which API functions will be used by the application?

Thanks in advance

I seriously doubt that this information is required to use RouteXL with WEBFLEET. It seems like they think you will be building a new connection to their system. Like you are developing an app that needs to be connected to their API.

But you are not. All you need is your WEBFLEET account to be allowed external access (.connect), so our system can connect to their API on your behalf. You may even not need them to do anything. Just try to set up the connection and see if it works:

I have double checked with our contact and this information is really not needed. Let them get in touch with the Senior Sales Engineer Benelux & Nordics @ TomTom Telematics Amsterdam

Also, you may point them to our page in the TomTom Telematics App Store:…

OK thanks for the reply but after spring to TomTom Telematics again they are basically saying that regardless of what I am asking for based on your advice, unless I give them the information in my first post then they will not grant me the access that I need.

I have tried escalating to a manager but none have yet called back at times agreed and I am going round in circles on what seems to be a very simple request that TomTom are blowing out of proportion.

They are basically sending me back to you guys to get the info above, to save everyone time and further hassle are you able to give me the information I need for them so that I can get my request actioned?