Times and names to addresses

Hi, I have put the start time and was wanting to see the route with drop off times . This is so i can call the customer and say your delivery will be with you at 10am etc. Also can i add a name to each of the delivery and download. And the third question is can i upload postcodes with names for each one ie Jones dn11 8ew. Thanks Mark

Drop off times are in the driving directions after the route has been found, below the map. The arrival time is before each destination and has a small clock indicator.

To add a name, click a destination on the map. In the info window click the “edit” button. You can fill out the name and a memo field.

You can upload postcodes. Just copy your postcodes in any application, push the “Import” button in RouteXL and paste in the text area. Make sure each address is on one line.