The options in RouteXL


Just started to use RouteXL, and I have a few questions, which I could not find answers to.

  1. "Default service time"
    Is that the time spent per stop? If so I don’t seem to get it to work?

  2. "Maps in driving directions"
    Will this option make the route planner only stop in driving direction, and not necessarily the shortest distance between two stops?

Best regards,
Thomas Kristensen

  1. Default service time is the default for time spent at each stop. You can override the service time for each stop individually. If you have problems, please share more details or send via email to

  2. Maps in driving directions sets the option to show detailed maps of each destination in the driving directions . The driving directions are added below the map if the route has been found. These are included when you print the route.

To answer your question, there is no tutorial. There is an old user guide from an old version, that really needs updating first, and there are several videos:

To solve problems, you may want to share your input, what you expect to happen and the result you’re getting. If you rather not put your data online, you can always email us at

Also, the wording of the restrictions may be contradictive to the behaviour. What may help, is using the other option: “visit before”.

I’ve been using it for a little while now, and there’s a few things that I can’t figure out.

If I edit a stop, and select “visit after” it doesn’t take it into account when I use “Find Route”. It just comes up with the same route.

I haven’t found any way to modify the given route by the system. Is there any tutorials about this?