[Testing request] Blocking areas

Although we offer some vehicle profiles, our routes are mostly one size fits all based on the OpenStreetMap road network. We often get questions of users how to prevent certain roads being used.

For that, we are now developing so called “blocking areas”. These are parts of the road network that you’d like to skip in the routes, like certain ferries and bridges. Each user can set its own blocking areas.

There are some people testing the blocking areas, but we’d like some more to check it out. The blocking areas are available on our test site. For instructions how to use the test site, read this.

To add a blocking area, go Options > Advanced > Blocking areas > Edit > Add new. Make sure to have some nodes included in the area, like road junctions or bends. The nodes are actually the ones that are blocked in the algorithm, not the lines between them.

To delete a blocking area, use the same Edit dialog, or click it on the map and tap Delete. When a single blocking area dialog is shown, the area can also be dragged on the map.

Feedback can be shared here or via email info@routexl.com