Support the option to avoid u-turns

It would be useful to have the option to avoid u-turns in the optimization. In rural areas it might add too much to the total traveling time, but in dense areas, making a small detour might not be that bad. Perhaps an option like the turn and stop penalties, to also support u-turn penalties.

We have that on our list of ideas for future development, but it seems not an easy fix.

A workaround could be to set an heading for the locations that have an u-turn. That will be used as the desired direction of approach and departure, and may prevent the u-turn.

To set an heading, tap the location on the map and choose “Edit”. See also:

Thanks, that could work a bit perhaps. But when we manually set the heading direction, that defeats the whole idea of having the route optimized automatically actually, as our manual input for the fixed heading, might not be the ideal route/heading for that point. Hopefully the avoid u-turn feature can be implemented soon. Only then we can really let the algorithm figure out the ideal routing ;).