Suggestion that would be a Huge Help

I work doing maintenance and installs. Typically in a week I get a list of 20-30 addresses, each with a time estimate, and due dates.

I typically set max round time to 8 hours with 5 rounds. Which works well. But It would be great if I could set an address so that this particular one could be done before the 3rd day, or the 4th day, but others after 2nds day or only on the 5th day. Any way to make this possible?

That’s not possible as such.

A workaround may be:

  1. To create the route as you normally do
  2. Find the addresses which do not meet their “day” restriction. If there’s none, you’re done.
  3. Select the most problematic one of these addresses
  4. Set a pickup or delivery restriction* on this address, such that it will be visited on a specific day
  5. Repeat from step 1.

* to set a pickup or delivery restriction, tap the address on the map, select “Edit” and use the visit before/after fields to select another address on the day it needs to be visited. See also: