Subscription cancellation

I’ve paid for the 1 day subscription and want to cancel before the subscription renews and does another transaction. the problem is when I paid using paypal, I used a one time transaction which requires no account. On the cancel subscription page after you click it it directs you to a paypal login page.

Single day subscriptions are non-recurring. These will end automatically after 24 hours and there will be no renewal. You do not need to cancel it.

Same for single month subscriptions. The only subscriptions with automatic renewal and monthly payments are “RouteXL 100 - Recurring” and “RouteXL 200 - Recurring”.

I have the same problem, but I did subscribe to a reoccuring plan. Now I can’t cancel it, I need to use a completely different company credit card (that I cannot attach to a paypal account per company rules)

If you need to change the credit card for a recurring subscription, you’ll need to login at PayPal with your PayPal account and go to this page and edit the payment method: