Strange names in the address line

the adressline start with strange things , see sample

|1. clothing.tracers.pure − Moosweg 6, 86692 Münster, Germany|
||⌚ 00:50|2. clogging.sandpit.intellectual − Hauptstraße 20, 86692 Münster, Germany|
||⌚ 00:56|3. impose.hurray.concedes − Buchenweg 2, 86692 Münster, Germany|
||⌚ 01:02|4. administered.endowments.goofing − Buchenweg 7, 86692 Münster, Germa|

makes the hole thing somewhat irritating.

These strange things are What3words addresses, that’s an alternative way to point to locations. It’s a great help when street addresses aren’t accurate enough to specify precise locations, such as building entrances, parks or rural areas

You’ve probably activated Options > Geocoding > Add alternative address. When that’s ticked each stop you enter automatically gets an W3W address. Just deactivate the setting and it will be gone for future routes.