Stops missed off route

Hi, I am having problems setting a route, I have outlined in red the stops that are continually missed off the route.  I have tried various settings but still get the same result.  I think it may be the system thinks they are private roads but I don’t think they are.  Either way I really need to ensure these are included in the route.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks Maxine.

This may be solved by a bugfix that is on our test site right now. Check it out on:

Alternatively you could try another vehicle that has a bit more access to certain roads. E.g. select Options > Routing > Tyoe of vehicle > Delivery van

If the above does not help, the problem is most probably in the map that we use for routing. The roads may not be tagged to be accessible.

The good thing is that you can do something about that yourself. We use OpenStreetMap, the free and editable map of the world:

Find the location on the map and click the “Edit” button. Select the road and check the properties. You’ll need to tag the roads with “access=yes” or to make them accessible:

Normally we update our maps from the source every month. If you have edited the map, let us know via email and we’ll trigger the update. That may take a few days to process.

Unfortunately we can’t add any road preferences to the options at this moment, e.g. certain roads or dimensions. There are efforts to make it possible in the long run, but it’s not expected anytime soon.

However we can mark more roads to be accessible to the “delivery van” vehicle profile, such as private roads. We’ll incorporate this in our next map update, that is expected during this month.

In the next version of the API you can specify most of the options that are available on the website, e.g. the type of vehicle. Send a mail to if you’d like to help testing that.

Hi, thanks for the reply.  I have tried setting the vehicle to delivery van and I have tried on the test site with car and delivery van but I am afraid I am still getting the same result.  I changed the vehicle to a bike and that routes to the stops but does not provide a route accessible for our delivery vehciles.  Are there any other parameters I can try changing?  Thanks Maxine

You’ve exactly described the scenario that we see occur very frequently.

We have many (thousands, maybe tens of thousands) roads in the suburbs that are tagged as private but in open streets should really be tagged as ‘destination’ for access.

Could an option be provided to allow travelling down private roads rather than bypassing them? Our geocoding is done to the address but navigation ends at the ‘start’ of the private road and that often leads to bad/confusing routes

Understood, a different vehicle profile would absolutely solve the problem - as long as we can specify that as an option when posting to the tour API.

Are vehicle profiles planned for the API?

thank you for the quick response!