Start and arrive in import file

Good morning,
best compliment for your software.
I use Import function: I copy from Excel and past in import windows. Is possible to use some special field ( like @name@) to identify the start and end addresses?

Thank you

At this moment you can not import a field that identifies the start and end address. We’ll note that down for development.

The first address on the map will be selected by default as departure and arrival. You can change that by editing another location and tapping “Start here” or “Finish here”.

Were you able to add this feature by any chance? I think it is essential because for me most routes are not roundtrips.

Not yet. We’ll give it another vote.

If I think correctly, you can bypass this issue if your start/end points are the same always. You can set your “home address” in options and thus each time you’ll open/reset RouteXL, this address will be added with the start/finish flag :slight_smile:

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