Some Routes are Just Straight Line

I tried plotting a trip to US National Parks and several of route between them were just straight lines.

That may happen if a segment between two points is unroutable by our OpenStreetMap based network. E.g. when the park is not publicly accessible. The workaround is to drag some these points to the entrance of the park to where the public road is.

If you can show some examples, or send them via email, we’ll check if this is true or wether there is some other reason for the straight lines.

I put real addresses in and it worked. How do you drag points. Also how do I know my account has been activated

When an address is added, before pressing the “Find route” button, you can move the marker on the map by drag and drop.

You can check your account status by clicking the “Import” button and see the number of addresses you can import, or by visiting the subscriptions page.