Some questions and suggestions

I’m testing if RouteXL would suit our needs and have few questions about functionality. These are mixed observations and suggestions.

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get data back from fulfilled route. I would like to see a csv with data it currently has and also fulfilled times and coordinates geocoding found.

  2. When importing or searching an address that is not found it is still placed on the map but in another place. Maybe the default place for the city? You don’t get any notification that address could not be found. Does premium geocoding have the same behaviour?

  3. I would like to see import where I can mix stops with coordinates and only addresses. Apparently you cannot import with JSON when you don’t already have coordinates?

  4. You can import time restrictions on “normal” import but can you import stop order (before and after) restrictions too?

  5. When you partly fulfill a route and then add a stop you can’t recalculate the route so that the fulfilled places would stay fulfilled. You’d have to manually remove the fulfilled stops and then recalculate. I would like to see fulfilled places just frozen and route recalculation would be with remaining stops starting from last place that was fulfilled.

  1. You can open the Address list, it has the fulfilled times. However you can not download that. We’ll note it down on our list for future developement.

  2. The geocoding services often return multiple results when searching for an address, ranging from address to zip code to city, sorted on reliability. We select the top most if it’s close enough. To get a warning when less reliable, set Options > Geocoding > Check address precise

  3. The Import dialog should accept coordinates and addresses at the same time. We’d like to see your data that is not accepted, either share it here or email JSON is restricted to coordinates only, that was added to test API input.

  4. Order restrictions can not be imported at this moment. We’ll add that to our list too.

  5. Adding stops to partly fulfilled routes is already on our list. There is no timeline though.

  1. I’m not sure if the options changed when I logged in (I was testing without registering), but now I checked that I have “Check address precise” checked and it indeed does warn when address is less reliable.

  2. For the import here is example data:
    60.2071765,24.91589620000002 ILMALANKATU 1, 00240 HELSINKI, FINLAND {mycomment1} @myname1@
    60.1746418,24.805605199999945 {mycomment2} @myname2@
    ITÄTUULENKUJA 1, 02100 ESPOO, FINLAND {mycomment3} @myname3@

What happens is all rows are placed on right spots and names and comments are parsed correctly, but when viewing addresses from Address > Edit, the two rows that include coordinates have the whole input row in the address field. I would expect the first row to have the address in the address field and the second row to have the coordinates in the address field (of course it would be very nice if there was coordinates to address geocoding and the found address would show here).

We ment that you can mix coordinates and addresses in the input on different lines. Mixing addresses with coordinates on one line is indeed not supported. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

If you want the address to be imported correctly, you should either add it to the name between @'s, or the comments.between { }. There is currently no way to import the address line seperate from the coordinates into the address field.

Geodecoding coordinates to addresses was actually done by default in the past, but it gave problems. Often the coordinates were used to get to places that have no address at all, and many ended up being very wrong. But maybe we can make it a new setting “Geodecode coordinates”.