Since June 22, routing is not-optimized

Something seemed to happen to route optimization in June 22 to Route XL. We use 2 routing softwares to determine route distance to pay our people- RouteXL and Mapline. Both paid versions. RouteXL was always quicker (and more accurate) so we averaged the 2 outputs to determine drive time. Most routes are about 120 stops. In many cases, there are 1-3 projects in the same store. Now Route XL is having the reps leave the store after 1 project, do say 10 stores, come back for 2nd project, do 10 stores, then come back for the 3rd. I have run old routes from pre- June 22 where I recorded the drive time and drive time is radically different w/ the same inputs. Now Mapline will say 20 hr drive time (which is correct) and RouteXL will say 35 hrs. As of now, Route XL is unusable for our team. What happened? I have tried fixes from support forum.

And as I mentioned- this is not user error. Radically different drive times from May 22 routes to June 22 routes w/ exact same settings and exact same inputs.

We do not know what impacted your route. Can you share your input so we can check?

We’d need the exact locations and parameters. If do not want to share here, you may also send by email to