Set home address

In the I have seen there is an option that you can set a home address. It says the following: “Home address - The default departure address that will automagically be added to the map each time.”

But what I can’t seem to find is how you can set this option with the API. How do I set the home address?

You can not set the default departure address in the API. You should always add the departure location as the first location in your array. If you want the route to return to the departure address after visiting all locations, you should also add it as last location.


So to be clear:

If i have 20 locations and want 2 rounds.

i should sent 22 addresses in the array to the API with the first and last of the address of the company where they departure and arrive? This way both routes will start and arrived between all the options and settings on the right location?

The array should hold 22 locations indeed. But the resulting route will always return to the first location to start a new round.


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