Server requests limits (sending multiple requests simultaneously)

The tool I’m using to create routes with the API sometimes needs to send multiple requests in order to create a route. For instance, for each route I need a distance matrix along with the route\tour itself (and since I often have more than 100 addresses that alone is multiple requests). Also, when at least one address has a time restriction added to it, I send another tour request with time restrictions omitted, so I can note the difference in duration and see how the restrictions affect the route.

I’m wondering if there are any usage limits in place regarding sending multiple requests simultaneously, or anything in the TOS regarding it that I’m not aware of. To create a route I may end up sending 5 different requests, I would hate to send them simultaneously and end up with an account suspension.

Thanks for the great support, I’ve relied on your service for years now.

There is no fixed usage limit, but we do have a fair use policy in place. You can only submit one route at a time and if your usage is extreme the response times will go up. If you continue with extreme usage we’ll contact you.

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