Sending more than 35 routes seem to kill the request

My client is paying for the Route 100 subscription. We expected to be able to send up to 100 locations in a request. When we send more than 35, the request just dies and Google Chrome dev tools says that the request was cancelled.

Any ideas what it could be?


If this happens when the number of locations increases, the first thing we’d check would be a possible timeout, as the time required for the algorithm grows with the number of locations.

Your 100 package is advertised as supporting up to 100 locations per request. That is why we signed up for your service. If this is not the case, then we will need to look elsewhere. What information do you need from us to be able to look into the situation?

It does support up to 100 locations indeed. But as the routing algorithm needs more time, the risc of timeouts on your side increases. Some frameworks have a 10 second timeout by default. What timeout does your client application use?

To check our logs we’d need the clients username. In addition to that, it may help to have the full request input and error that it generates in the application. You may share that here, or email

Ok, I will check it on our side. Maybe we have a small request timeframe that we are working with .