School bus route

is there a setting for stops to be on right side of street for student pickup

There are two methods:

  1. Set the direction of arrival for each location, by tapping its marker on the map, edit the details and set the “heading”. See also:
    Edit location - RouteXL

  2. Use Options > Advanced > Stop penalty to add additional time to each stop on the left side, e.g. ← 120. See also:
    Options - RouteXL

Am I correct that the heading is normal compass directions? I am having trouble understanding the penalty, How does that insure the pickup will be on the right side of the bus? What does “penalty” have to do with it?

Are the replies to my questions regarding features I asked about applicable to the XL20 package or does it require an upgrade from the free product.

Lastly, most of the addresses I enter indicate “not a precise street address”. I even entered my own, full complete residential address and it didn’t like that either.

Heading is indeed the compass direction. You can also import the heading with your addresses as additional field if you put it as degrees between * and *.

See also: Import - RouteXL

The stop penality is the number of seconds that is added to the total time in the algorithm, if the stop is on the side of the arrow, so ← 60 means 60 seconds is added for each stop on the left side.

You do not need an upgrade to use these features.

To disable the warning, uncheck Options > Geocoding > Check address precise