Routing gets stuck

hi , this is my first time with routexl. I paid 10€ to have the possibility of routing 150 addresses, but when the system has to calculate the route It gets stuck around 75 % of the calculation, can I have an help ? thanks

The progress bar is only an indication of the calculation status. If the routing takes longer than expected, the bar will pause at 80% until the route is ready:

For complex routes, with >80 stops and many roads in the area, the route calculation may take up to 10 minutes. In the worst case scenario there are approximately >20,000 distances required and >5E262 possible routes…

If the route is not found after 15 minutes, it got stuck or crashed along the way. You should refresh the website (F5 or Ctrl-r) and try again. If the problem is not solved, we’d like to receive your addresses to test things out. Mail us at

The routes were calculated but somehow did not make it back to the browser. We will further investigate the cause of this behaviour.

The routes are however available in Options > History and can be loaded from there.

the problem remains, I just send you an email with all addresses, hope you can help me thanks