RouteXL v2: POST tour returns inconsistent data

We are currently using RouteXL v2 to optimize our routing system for multiple drivers. Unfortunately the POST tour calls return inconsistent data.

Sometimes the arrivaltimes of each round stack up on each other, sometimes they dont.
So the first waypoint of the second route sometimes has a value of: “last waypoint arrival of first route” + “first waypoint arrival of second route”
And sometimes has a value of: 0 + “first waypoint arrival of second route”

Are you aware of that problem and behaviour? And maybe know a way to solve it?


We were not aware. But it is probably related to a technical problem we had with solvers this week. We’ll take action asap. If the problem is not solved within the hour, please share some examples or send them to

Sorry for answering a day late.
It seems to be solved. I ran the POST tour call 6 times now and it was consistent.
Since 6 times is not that often either, i’m gonna message you if the problems appears again.

The POST tour returned arrival times which always started at 0 again when a new round starts.