RouteXL site could not be reached for the second Friday morning in a row

Last Friday morning I could not reach the site to log in and plan the day’s route. Uptime has been 100% over the past 9 months, which is excellent. This morning - Friday 28 July - at around 7am again I was unable to reach the RouteXL site so had to plan timed deliveries for around 50 drops without it.

I am using an iPad which connected successfully to the internet via other apps on mobile data on both days.

I could find no notification of planned maintenance, nor any mention of issues on Twitter or this forum. How can I either stop this recurring, or find out in advance when the service will be unavailable?

There was no maintenance these last two weeks. We are not aware of the site being unreachable either.

The next time it happens, please send a screenshot to If you are familiar with ping and traceroute commands, that output is welcome too.

Thank you for the response. It is helpful to know that there was no scheduled maintenance, which narrows down the possible causes. I have found out how to run ping and trace route tests from the iPad, so I will run these when the system is working so I can compare the results if the problem recurs. I can also try accessing from a PC and different browsers.