Routes doesn't seems to be optimal

i’ve uploaded 100 adresses and optimized the routes. with the following settings.

But i am not happy with the results,
i am way to often in the same are, which seems to me that it is very inefficient.
I am expecting that all the stops within a single city would have been combined to the same route, but right now the stops are devided in 2 or more routes within the same city. Eventhough there aren’t any restricitons.

How can i fix this?

And secondly i prefer to have routes more or less of equal duration.

Please help.

And in addition to that:

Sometimes routexl doesnt follows the restrictions i gave. For example
i’ve added openinghours, they are being recognized by routexl, but routexl did planed a stop outside those hours.

another example

Multiple rounds running through in the same area can be optimal when the routing problem is complex as it is: addresses clustered in an area at great distance from your home address, several time restrictions (blue markers in your example), the balance option to the right for equal duration of the rounds (not minimizing total travel time) and restricted maximum round time.

If you want to force addresses to be clustered geographically, that’s not supported as such. Removing all restrictions will improve the results, but you may want to use a two-step approach. First, distribute the stops over sets, e.g. manually based on city or zip code. Second, create a route for each set seperately.