Route xl not working properly

why is routexl missing out addresses and not finding roads was fine yesterday paid to use again this morning and its missed off 22 addresses and is telling me to go back on myself unlike before

We have updated our service this morning and stepped over to OpenStreetMap, the community build maps. Finding addresses on the map is called geocoding. We use several third-party geocoding services to map your destinations. You can select your preferred service in the Options .

For proper geocoding make sure you enter the full address with all details. Also make sure you have the area visible on the map. E.g. if you’re delivering in London, make the map show London when you enter addresses. If the problem is in importing, try to enter the addresses in the search box first. The autocomplete function may help you find the address.

If this does not solve your problem, please contact us so we can investigate. Send your addresses to email