Route round start point

We are looking to use the V2 api to control route planning. One of the issues that we have is the ability to plan for multiple routes that would allow allow the end location to become the start location of a new round for the next day? How could this be achieved?

More detail: 2 vans would leave here for deliveries over 2 days with a limit on the amount of hours that deliveries could be made (assume 12 hours (7am to 7pm). So that would mean 4 rounds (2 days x 2 vans) and the second rounds would need to start where the previous day had left off.

If you need day breaks and the vans continue their route the next day, that is not supported as such. It is on our list of ideas for future development, but we can not give any timeline.

However, if you have no time windows for your deliveries, simply creating two rounds would result to the optimal order of your locations for the two vans. You’d only need to insert the day break yourself.