Route order enhancements when traveling on foot

Is there a way to tell the routing algorithm to “minimize street crossings”?

Currently I have multiple locations and the automatic route finder is making me cross the street many times. So I have to override and stay on the same side of the street, and then crossing just once, to finish my route (in a kind of loop).

When I override, the display of the route order is lost because some other icon is used:

Can I turn this off? I would rather see the route ordering, and not that icon.

You can try to use some of our experimental settings on the Advanced tab in the Options dialog and see if that improves the route for you.

E.g. setting stop penalty to ←30 sec should add a thirty second penalty to each stop on the left side of the road, which the algorithm may prevent by creating a different route. Note that these settings are experimental and somewhat unreliable.

As to the icons, you selected these stops to be pickup- or dropoff points by creating order restrictions (visit before/after). They can not be switched off at this moment, other than by removing the restrictions.