Roads not appearing in RouteXL


There are multiple stops we are trying to route but the roads that the stops are on do not exist in RouteXL. The roads do appear in OpenStreetMap.

One of the stops is on Masthead Landing Cir Winter Garden, FL 34787

Creating a route with many houses in that area does not return a functional route.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Some roads do exist in our system, but they may not be visible in the standard map style. Try another map style with more details. Change this setting via Options > Styling > Map Style, e.g. Mapbox.Streets.

The road you mention is in a residential area and is marked private. Private roads are not used in our routes by default. You may try to create a route with the Deliveryvan vehicle profile that has more access to these kind of roads. You’ll find it at Options > Routing > Type of vehicle.

If the road is not private in real life, you can correct this by editing the map at OpenStreetMap. Your changes will be reviewed by OSM volunteers. If accepted, it may take another two weeks on average before they appear in our maps.

Thank you! Changing the map style helped to see those roads.

Changing to Deliveryvan also helped with routing my stops. But the stops area appearing in a weird order to me. Can I send the stops to you so you can see what I am seeing? I would prefer not to post all the addresses here.


Sure, no problem. If you send the route URL you can find at the Share button, we’ll be able to see exactly the same. Send it to