Ring route problem

I tried to set a ring route (first stop coinciding with the last stop) but the calculated route is not correct as the last step presents a straight line. Am I wrong?

It can have various reasons, most probably there is no route found to the last step. If no point-to-point route can be found, the fallback is a straight line, a.k.a. beeline or as-the-crow-flies.

A work around may be to drag the last stop to the closest road before you have the route calculated. If you’d like us to check out in more detail, share the route URL here or email to info@routexl.com

The system can indeed not find a route to the final stop. It may be in a city center that is hard to reach by car.

We’ll experiment with our settings and try to improve the routing, but that will take some time. It will take at least a week before you will see the effect of that.

As a work around, as said before try to move the final stop to a main road nearby, or export the route to another map, e.g. by using the Download > Google Maps.

We have updated our maps with new settings and the routing has improved. The route planner now finds the path to the final stop. This should solve the problem with the straight line.

Click the link you gave and re-calculate the route to see the update.

this is the link: http://www.routexl.it/f=Y0cov0Q6Ym