Product Support Query, Multiple Routes

Hi, I am trying to drive every highway in a particular state in the US. I need to drive the entire route of each highway. I loaded the starting point address and the end and mid points for all highways. I am trying to figure how to optimally drive the roads. I created a test case using 8 highways, with the end points and mid points for each section, importing what3address data. What I get is the following and not a route that travels the entire road.


Please help.

Thanks, Jim

Our route planner is not build to “cover” whole roads as such, e.g. planning routes for spreading salt on the roads.

That said, there are a number of ways to improve the result you got:

  • add more points in unvisited sections
  • manually sort stops in the address list
  • set order restrictions to visit certain stops before others

How do I manually set up stops in the address list? How do I set order restrictions?

To sort stops manually in the address list, click and drag them in order.


To set order restrictions, edit a location and set the pickup or delivery point.