Problem with saving routes

Hi, When I click ‘Routes’ to save my new route, it won’t give me the option to save it, it only gives me the option to delete an old route? Is there anyway you can help me save it? Thank you.

In the “Routes” dialog should be a Current button to save the current route on the map. If there is no such button, we’d like to get a screenshot to see if there’s a bug.

A workaround may be to tap the History button in the same dialog, that will show a list of the most recent routes you’ve created, and save the last route on the list.

Please see Screenshot. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the ‘Current’ button or the ‘History’ button.

This is the history, which is shown by default when there are no saved routes. Can you save the last route to see if that works?

It worked! :smile: Thank you so much!