Probeer het nog eens. Code: RS-NOPOLLCODE

Was finding route when it appears. the msg traduction al spanish said “intentelo mas tarde” (try again later), y tryed but still the same error. I’ll be thankfull for your support, I would apreciate your response in english due to not missunderstan the concepts

This can have several reasons and we’d like to check what the problem is.

Can you email the addresses to

Great. If you could email the address to us, we can try to solve the problem in the system too. We may prevent problems for other users. Thanks!

Yes, our route planner works in Switzerland too. Here is the route for the cities in your list:

Do you get the same error all the time? If so, can you send a screenshot to

Thank you for the answer, it was one address, I take it out and the results change. I pointed this address in another nearby location and import all again.
Thank you for your time

hi there,
tried to use RouteXL but received an error code: RS-NOPOLLCODE

Does it work in Switzerland at all? these is my route:
Basel, Schweiz
uzwil, Schweiz
bern, Schweiz
Winterthur, Schweiz
Bellinzona, Schweiz
Lausanne, Schweiz
Münchenstein, Schweiz
luzern, Schweiz
buchs, Schweiz
stäfa, Schweiz
rapperswil, Schweiz
Wil, Schweiz
zürich, Schweiz

many thanks
kind regards