Printing option out of scale

After creating a route, we are currently unable to use the printing option, as the route is completely out of scale, (we never had this issue before if we used the printing button, only if we used the printing option of our browser)

If you have problems with printing, you can try the following:

  • Restart the browser (to reload a route, use the “Routes” button)
  • Make sure you are logged in (your username should appear above the map)
  • Check your settings at Options > Print, especially the height and width

If this does not help, please send a screenshot of the full browser when the problem occurs. You can share that here, or via email

I have the same issue. Since about a month or two the print function is not prducing a nice page as it did before.
Restarting browser, pc, updating etc doesn’t help. Even a different browser doesn’t.

Screenshot attached.

Thank you for the screenshot, We’ll use that to check the issue and report back.

Update: we think the problem is related to Firefox. If you have this problem and if possible, try to use another browser, such as Chrome, Edge or Safari.