Price Reduction for Upgrade Not Seen

Hi, I just upgraded, used the promotion code but did not see the reduction in price. Please investigate.



The coupon code is only valid for a single day or month upgrade via PayPal. You have subscribed to a recurring subscription.

It is meant to be a month upgrade, not recurring.

To cancel your recurring subscription, go to our website or PayPals preapproved payments page.

Subscribe to the single month upgrade and use the coupon code. Send an email to for a refund the first payment,

I did that, my subscription, but get the following message. I still cannot load more than 20 addresses.

“Your current subscriptions are listed here. You can renew, cancel or upgrade your subscriptions by using the forms below.
RouteXL 100 - Recurring
Your membership has been cancelled and will expire on: 15 May 2018”

Please suggest what I do next?

I did not remember to send a email for the refund however.

Your account seems upgraded alright. Try to reset your session. Follow these steps: