Premium API Subscription reverting to free limit

I’ve had an issue with the 100-address subscription where occasionally it will say that 10 is the max addresses, as if i had the free version only. This obviously prevents my workers from creating their routes. This used to happen every month, and it still may, but until now I may have not started work early enough to encounter it.

  1. can you help me understand why this happens to me?
  2. is there anyway to prevent it?
  3. do subscriptions mess up on a certain day each month, so I can just use a backup account on that day?
  4. When i tried to use my backup account to buy a daily subscription today, it didn’t go into effect right away. how long does it take subscriptions to activate?

That was a problem before, but we solved it. The cause seems to be the subscription system that does not automatically upgrade the recurring ones. We made a script to repair that, but it was not reactivated after the update of this weekend. It’s now back again.

What may work if this ever happens again, is to log in and browse the blog and visit your profile page. That may trigger the subscription system.