Potential New User - Trying it out today

I have signed up for the free option, purely to tray it out.

I want to upload 12 separate routes totalling approx 1000 postcodes across the 12 routes (about 100 postcodes per route) But I would only use it now and again.

If I paid the 200 option, use it for the day, would the routes still be saved under my user for when I want to use them in another month’s time, when I want to use the routes again or would I have to re-build the routes again every time?

The routes will be in your history for a least a month. They can be used (e.g. shared, printed, downloaded, executed) even when the upgrade period ended.

If you need to make adjustments, e.g. add stops or time windows, you’ll need another upgrade.

Note: if you save routes from history, they will be available even longer.

Thank you - is there a minimum term on upgrades?

Also - I had 12 seperate address lists, 1 for each postcode area. Can I built multiple address lists? Or do I have to create 1 address list with the 1000 postcodes and take from the one list? I would rather build an address list for each route that I can copy and paste to.

The minimum period is one single day, or 24 hours to be exact.

As to address lists, normally you’d upload addresses for each new route. A workaround to build an address list for each route would be to create one “master” route with all addresses and save that to work from.