Possibility to add multiple ready - due hours per address?

Is it possible to add another set of ready-due hours per address? Right now we perform an API call to optimize tours, and in this call we pass the opening hours of the tour stop per address.

However, we enable users on our platform to also assign ‘special services’ to their bookings, some of these services include e.g. delivery before 12:00 o’clock, delivery after 15:00 o’clock, …

Is it possible to pass these requested hours alongside the opening hours per address? We don’t want to overwrite the opening hours if not absolutely necessary, as this new data is more of a ‘nice-to-have’ per address. The driver MUST arrive between the opening hours, and IF POSSIBLE in the trip, he is requested to arrive between the requested hours.

Not is not possible as such. There is only one set of ready-due per address. It’s a known issue and it’s on our list of ideas for future development, but we can not give any timeline.

There are some workarounds to consider:

  • Flip the ready and due time to make it an excluded time window. E.g. set ready at 600 and due at 300 will allow the algorithm to plan the location before 300 or after 600. However, you will loose the opening hours restriction, so this may not be your preferred solution.

  • Add an additional stop at the same location with the requested hours and servicetime 0. Note that you need to check the result and see if the original stop and the additional stop are visited “together”, as the algorithm may decide to make two seperate visits.

  • Start off with trying to create a route with only the requested hours as ready and due times. If it is feasible, you’re done. If not feasible, replace the requested hours of the first location with its opening hours, and create a new route. Repeat until the route is feasible.